My CBD Story
My CBD Story

My CBD Story (CTFO)(CBD)

(as of this writing)



I've been disable for 33 years.

I've been taking CBD from this company

since May, 2019.

For the first time in 33 years

I woke up 3 mornings in a row without

back pain. I believe CBD is the reason

for that. I believe that CBD is slowly repairing

my back. I'll be taking CBD products for the

rest of my life.

My back pain has made my anxiety level rise,

but CBD has made my anxiety vanish and my

back pain is not near as frequent as before.

I believe my immune system is in overdrive.

I just don't get sick any more and that gives

me a big relief, especially with the Corona

virus all around us.

Well that's my story. Hope you will join me so

you can Make Money, Live Healthy, and Live

Better :)


Rocky (PapaRock)

I've been taking CBD from this company since May, 2019
(I take CBDa Super 1000/.25ML twice a day every day)



It's been over 3 weeks since I've taken a pain pill. I believe CBDa (Super 1000)
from CTFO is responsible for that. I've taken pain pills for about 33 years. Glad
I found a way to stop being dependent on them. 



It's now been 9 weeks since I've taken a pain pill (not even an aspirin).
I'm totally non dependent on any pain pills. Thank you CTFO for 
showing me a CBD product that really works (CBDa Super 1000).
You've got a customer for life :)

Join me today if you  need help with pain, 
anxiety, inflammation
and/or a feel better, live better life, or knows of someone who does. :)



Well I finally had to take a pain pill. I took a Tylenol. My back was
hurting a little because I did too much yard work yesterday :) 

By joining with me today you will have the opportunity to share
this product with friends, family and many others. I know that
the main reason for sharing this is to help as many people as
you can :)
But another plus you get for doing this is that you'll make money
doing it :)

You can also go to my product page ( ),
and find the link (OPPORTUNITY) at the top of the page. Click
on that link to become an Independent Associate so you can
share this with others and make money doing it :)