Solo Ads
Solo Ads

Solo Ads

You've arrived at the page where I sell Solo Ads.

Get the traffic you need for your web site(s), affiliate link,
product link, and/or squeeze page here.

My main target is millions of opt-in opportunity seekers

The ads I write are pretty effective. If you have an attractive product and/or service
there should be no problem at all getting the amount of clicks you purchase.
I can sum it up like this:
I write all the ads for my campaigns and they work for me!

Before purchasing a solo ad, send the link(s) you want in your ad
to with "Link Approval" typed in the subject box for approval. If it's approved, I'll reply with "link approved" typed in the subject box and a link back to this page
in the body so you can proceed.

This is also a good place to start building your subscriber list in your auto
responder. and/or increase the size of your existing list.
If you need
an auto responder to start building your list in, you
can get one by clicking the link below:

Auto Responder
(opens in new window)
30 day Free Trial Period

If you buy your auto responder from me, I will help you get it set up with
your first 3 follow up messages for free. As soon as I see that you have
purchased your auto responder from me, I'll contact you.

Price structure for Solo Ads:

75 unique clicks - $35
100 unique clicks - $40

Definition of Unique Clicks:

Unique clicks tell you how many individuals clicked on your link.
For example: If you had 10 raw clicks on a link and two of those
individuals clicked 2 times on the same link, you would have 8
unique clicks. Unique clicks tells you how many separate individuals
click on a particular link.
Verses raw clicks tells you how many times the link was clicked (which
means that it's possible that one person clicked on that link several


1. Send $35 for 75 or $40 for 100 (US) to my PayPal account ( with "Solo Ad" in the description.

2. Send a message to with "Solo Ad Payment"
typed in the subject box. In the body of this message, type in the link(s)
 you want me to run the Solo Ad for (I'll write the Ad copy).
Send this message from your PayPal email address so I can reference it in my PayPal account.

3. As soon as I verify that the payment has been made for your "Solo Ad",
I'll run the ad for you ASAP to one or more of my lists and guarantee you
get at least 10% more clicks than you paid for..

That's all there is to it.

Looking forward to working with you,

Rocky (PapaRock) Turner